Bath , it is known that the following conditions are good for health.
  • Steam baths, cleans skin and body and purify from the toxin.
  • Increases blood circulation, loosen the person,it reduces stress.
  • Reduce muscle tensions and aches and helps restricted joints for heal.
  • The Warm , airway expansion of the lungs makes breathing for The person who has a asthma and allergic strain.
  • It helps to skin be fresh and young.
  • Steam hot , one of the therapies used against cancer and infectious diseases ,they are steam baths and steam hot.
  • Steam baths are very effective removing body - fat detoxifying toxins.
  • During sweating , the vapor effectively cleans the toxins from the skin surface .
  • Steam application, improves vascular circulation.
  • Increases oxygenation at the cellular level.

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Bubble Bath

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SPA means "sanus per aquam" which means " health acquired with water " or " health that comes with water " or " used of water for health . SPA , which we have heard fruqently and has many applications in its own right, is the modernization of the tradition of Turkish bath and it becomes making usable. SPA is a health complex that combines cosmetic and beauty applications with water and health.

It is possible to find as many applications in the Turkish bath culture as there are not even in the SPA. They are hot - cold water, steam marble ( stone ) , cleaning / purification ( pouch, foam bath, hair cleaning etc.) , body care ( clay , algae-mud, vegetable oil, plant care) , touch massage ( cellulite,drainage, relaxation, treatment.

A real Turkish Bath , already contains that we called SPA system. That's why there is no need to search and exaggerate the SPA too far .The important thing is, to be able to understand the bathing culture of hundreds of years , know how to make use of the applications that contains and that these practices are clean, correct and in accordance with the law to take possession of the enterprises that can offer it . Combines the tradition of the Turkish Bath with the modern methods which accommodates both traditional and modern methods and make it available for everyone's use.