Indoor Yoga Room

for 50 people

Outdoor Yoga Hall

for 50 people

Indoor & Outdoor Yoga Room

for 25 people


Abundant in oxygen pine forests. Accompanied and arranged by bird chirps in the yoga sessions relaxed both physically and spiritually , you will reach have a different holiday.

Yoga movements , breathing exercises,deep relaxation techniques and meditation prevent it from formation accumulated stress and tension in nervous system.

The stress makes weak of intensive business environment and daily life mind and nervous system , energy field and chakras not just body , muscle or bone structures.

Negative energy flow damaged caused of by mental energy due to repressed fury. It is not possible that you will not able to get rid of these damages only by lying or sunbathing. By doing yoga with the techniques of the Yoga Academy's original yoga system , it is possible to relax physically and mentally to renew the body by resetting.

In this way , the mind and energy of the people participating in the yoga sessions will be renewed . You will be filled with positive energy and will take a step stronger a healthier period .And this will bring you efficiency and success in business , happiness and peace will come along in private life.